DOC Ontario

DOC Ontario

DOC (formerly known as The Canadian Independent Film & Video Caucus), began as a Toronto-based advocacy group in 1983, establishing DOC Ontario as the first chapter of the now national organization. As a result, Ontario-based filmmakers led DOC’s early advocacy work, such as the successful lobbying efforts that led to the creation of Telefilm Canada's documentary broadcast envelope, a landmark decision that helped to develop Canada's strong independent production industry.

Today, DOC Ontario has about 380 members including many international award-winning documentary filmmakers. With a shift away from advocacy work (leaving that to the National office), DOC Ontario is now solely focused on offering professional development programs to all experience levels of the non-fiction community.

Lara Bulger |
Communications and Programming Associate, DOC Ontario and DOC Institute

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DOC Institute

After several vital Canadian programs for filmmakers closed their doors, DOC Ontario felt something was missing in the community. The chapter undertook a series of extensive interviews with documentary practitioners from all experience levels, checking in with them about their career objectives and challenges, seeking what else could be done to support their journey. DOC Ontario found incredibly diverse projects, goals, and dreams — but many common needs. With a strong programming track record (including conceiving the Hot Docs International Film Festival and Point of View Magazine), and deep roots in advocacy, the chapter realized it was positioned to help in a meaningful way. In response, DOC Ontario strengthened its hub, and expanded and formalized its professional development offerings. In 2013 DOC Ontario launched the first documentary-focused training program in Canada: the DOC Institute.

For information on upcoming events and programs, please visit the DOC Institute or get in touch with DOC Ontario.

Board of Directors

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Lalita Krishna, Co-Chair

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