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May 21, 2013

Do you believe in the work we do? Then show your support!

When you support DOC, you ensure that exciting and insightful documentaries reach audiences in Canada and around the world.

DOC works hard to make it easier for filmmakers to produce documentaries and for audiences to view them. The organization plays a vital role in sustaining a dynamic and independent Canadian documentary community.

And, as a membership-driven organization, DOC depends on the community’s support.



Purchasing a yearly membership helps us make an impact in the industry through advocacy, research, educational initiatives, and professional development. 43% of our yearly budget is derived from membership revenues and represents 50% of our self-generated revenue. When you pay your membership, 55% of that amount is invested into professional development activities.

DOC is a charitable organization, which means that when you donate to DOC, you receive a tax-deductible receipt. Your contribution goes to our advocacy efforts. And we need your support in order to fight for essential documentary funding, to advocate for fair copyright laws, and build a better environment for the creation and distribution of Canadian documentaries.

Your $50 donation will pay for an e-newsletter informing members of the latest advocacy news

Your $100 donation will help pay for one conference call to get members together to discuss Terms of Trade issues

Your $200 donation will help cover the costs of an advertisement to have documentary declared Canada’s national artform

Your $500 donation will help pay travel costs when we go to Ottawa to meet policy-makers

Your $1,000 donation will contribute to drafting a CRTC submission


Support documentary in Canada by donating or becoming a member of DOC today.


You can donate online or contact DOC at 1-877-467-4485 to make a donation over the phone.


DOC’s membership is comprised of hundreds of documentary professionals across the country. When a company sponsors DOC, they get their brand in front of a niche market.

If you are interested in discussing sponsorship opportunities, please call (416) 599-3844 ext 1.

DOC HST Number: 13173 9245 RT 0001