Point of View Present The August Years of May and Gloria

Point of View is proud to present the Canadian Premiere of DOC member Maureen Judge's The August Years of May and Gloria (Canada, 2010, 53 min), which screens in Toronto during the Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival on Sunday, November 4 at 4 p.m at the Workman Arts Theatre, 651 Dufferin Street. Maureen Judge will be hosting a special reception immediately after the screening, starting at 5:30 p.m at Workman Arts with a bar for beer and wine, non-alcoholic beverages, and finger foods. This reception is included as part of your film ticket. TICKETS can be purchased in advance 1‐hour prior to the screening or in advance at www.rendezvouswithmadness.com.

Maureen Judge’s poignant documentary examines the intimate push-and-pull relationship of an elderly mother and her middle-aged daughter coping with the former's Alzheimer's disease. They are in the process of preparing for a life-changing move from Canada to Scotland. Sparring good-naturedly, both widowed women live like an old married couple. After 30 years in Canada, mother, 82-year-old May, reluctantly leaves familiar surroundings, beloved objects and grandchildren. Daughter, Gloria, in her 50s, burnt-out from caregiver stress, insists they’d have a better life in Scotland where her sister would help care for their ailing mother. May's stubbornness and absentmindedness add to the film's gentle humour. As the women bicker and speak directly into the camera, a surreal atmosphere pervades reminding us of the famously strange but bonded mother and daughter relationship seen in the Maysles’ film, Grey Gardens. Here, Judge has painted an intimate portrait and moving testament to the importance of memory and family kinship. We wonder how May and Gloria will fare in Edinburgh. Will the old neighbourhood still be recognizable? And there’s May’s Alzheimer's disease to consider. Will the move be a positive one for mother and daughters? Can you really go home again, and be happy?

DOC HST Number: 13173 9245 RT 0001