DOC Releases New Research Findings on Philanthropy and Documentary at TIFF’s Doc Conference

Toronto, ON (September 3, 2015)

On September 16, 2015, at TIFF’s one-day Doc Conference, the Documentary Organization of Canada will release the timely results of its new research study on philanthropy and documentary during the presentation “Finding the Money: A New Study on Documentary and Philanthropy.”  The discussion will be led by Simon Kilmurry, the new Executive Director of the International Documentary Association who will speak with Maria De Rosa and Marilyn Burgess (Communications MDR), the authors of the Documentary Organization of Canada-commissioned report.

The new study explores innovative initiatives that have been introduced in various countries to successfully engage the philanthropic sector to support the production and dissemination of documentaries.  In addition to presenting key trends and an analysis of pioneering initiatives and lessons learned, the report reveals a promising industry-wide strategy and action plan unique to Canada to support documentaries that aim to effect social change.

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DOC HST Number: 13173 9245 RT 0001