DOC oral presentations to CRTC - November 2016

DOC presented oral submissions before the CRTC with regards to the Large English and French Language Broadcast Ownership Groups at hearings held on November 23rd in Laval and November 29th in Gatineau.

Click here to read DOC's French-language submission to the CRTC. 

Click here to read DOC's English-language submission to the CRTC. 


Click here to read the official transcript of DOC's French language presentation on November 23rd, beginning  at line 4130

Click here to read the official transcript of DOC's English language presentation on November 29th, beginning  at line 3255


During the Laval group renewal hearing, the Vice Chair asked DOC several questions regarding specific proposal DOC made in its written intervention regarding the French-language services of Bell Media and Corus. (Transcript 4159 – 4180).

During the Panel's questioning of DOC on November 29, 2016 in Gatineau, the Vice-Chair and the Chair both suggested that DOC's proposal for a condition of licence requiring the groups to spend 1.5% of their gross revenues on Cat. 2(b) programs may run counter to the Commission's policies with respect to broadcaster's requirement for programming flexibility. (See transcripts Paras 3288 & 3293). 

DOC submitted the following undertaking in response to those questions.

DOC HST Number: 13173 9245 RT 0001