DOC BC + Yukon + NWT

The DOC BC + Yukon + Northwest Territories chapter connects over 150 DOC members in British Columbia and the Yukon and is involved in various local professional development initiatives including workshops and an ongoing Masterclass series.

If you are a member of DOC BC + Yukon + Northwest Territories, or a filmmaker in the region, you can connect with the local chapter via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Questions about Programming

For questions relating to DOC BC+ Yukon specific programming or events, you can get in touch with Martyna Szaplak at



Board of Directors



Baljit Sangra - Co-Chair and National Rep


Cari Green - Co-Chair, Membership



Ron Heaps - Treasurer


Jessica Hallenbeck - Professional Development and National Rep


Nicholas Ayerbe Barona - Professional Development


D'Arcy Hamilton - Professional Development


Bryan Sullivan - Sponsorship


Marina Dodis - Committee Chair, Memberships


Devon Cooke - At-Large


Jason Blackman - BC Rep, Advocacy Committee

Gordon Leverin - Board Member

Jumy Ogunsola - Board Member

Nilesh Patel - Board Member


Priyanka Desai- Board Member

Suzanne Crocker- Board Member






Membership Questions

For any questions about membership, please contact DOC's membership coordinator at:

DOC HST Number: 13173 9245 RT 0001