DOC Alberta

DOC Alberta

DOC Alberta serves 50+ professional documentary filmmakers in the province.  The DOC AB Facebook page shares information, programming & events and is a great way to connect with the documentary community .



For any questions related to DOC AB-specific programming and events, contact Gerry Potter at

Board of Directors


Back row:  Kelly Wolfert, Heather Hatch, Elise Campbell, Mark Collings, Sitting:  Gerry Potter, Lorna Thomas, Kathy Fisher, Two in front:  Edmon Rotea, Anthony Goertz


Lorna Thomas - Co-Chair, National Board Representative

Gerry Potter - Co-Chair

Terry Kostek - Treasurer

Kathy Fisher - Programming

Elise Campbell - Communications

Edmon Rotea - Secretary

Mark Collings - Membership

Heather Hatch - Communications

Kelly Wolfert - Communications

Anthony Goertz - At-Large

Catherine Mondragon - At-Large


AMPIA Members

Alberta Media Production Industries Association members qualify for a discounted membership with DOC.

Membership Questions

For any further questions about DOC membership, please contact DOC National's membership coordinator Laura Atherton at